1 March 2016

An exquisite new product, certified by the Taste of the Year 2016 award. An addition to the Dulcesol Black collection reserved for the most premium of recipes. 6 varieties, with a delicate texture, which will prove to be addictive.

Dulcesol, faithful to its origins rooted in traditional confectionery, is taking inspiration from a famous French sweet and daring to offer a twist of its own. The legendary macaroon, historical indulgence of the French aristocracy, will henceforth be available to all in a unique and handy format, to be enjoyed wherever you like and in a variety of different flavours. It has also been awarded the Taste of the Year 2016 certification, guaranteeing the product's supreme quality.

This autumn, Dulcesol reinterpreted the classic cheesecake, one of the most popular cakes in the US. Now, it is looking to France to reinvent the sweet that impassions the country: macaroons.These exquisite little biscuits, instantly recognisable on the shelf thanks to their bright colours and round shape, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, are made from almond paste, sugar and egg whites. Many French cities feature it as their speciality and, while conventional wisdom holds that macaroons hail fromGallic lands - they were already being produced in the 8th century at a French monastery near Cormery – the truth is that many point out the origin of the name in the Italian word macccherone, and that they were in fact created in Venice.

Macaroons have an illustrious history and nowadays are enjoyed around the world thanks to their versatility. It's possible to experiment with both their flavours and aromas, as well as the mixture and fillings. A temptation which Dulcesol - whose roots hail back to an old pastry business and whose philosophy is based on taking nourishment from these and adapting traditional recipes to the needs of today's market - has not been able to resist.

Thus, the new Dulcesol macaroons are perfectly stored in packets of 4 pieces, and are available in 6 different flavours, from classic chocolate, raspberry, orange, lemon and coffee, to a surprising melon option. A delicious range that has been awarded with Flavour of the Year 2016, the quality certification that guarantees, as its name implies, the inimitable flavour of a product. The elegant black packaging emphasises the product's distinguished character, which meanwhile is not incompatible with its competitive price.

Every new product launched by the brand has the aim of not only updating and reviving time-honoured flavours, but also of raising consumer awareness about following a healthy lifestyle, without having to give up their favourite treats. To make this possible, one of the company’s most notable acts has been to remove, as of 2010, all hydrogenated fats and their associated trans-fats from the brand's range of baked goods, and replace these with non-hydrogenated vegetable fats.