2 March 2016

Its products, besides tasting great, have nutritional benefits. It embodies the company's commitment to healthy food and represents, at present, the pinnacle of a strategic process focussed on innovation. More than €3 million have been invested to improve the nutritional content of products over the last three years. The range's launch marks a paradigm shift in the baked goods sector.

Dulcesol Group pastry and baked goods manufacturer, goes that extra step in its research to make products with healthy and appetising ingredients, at affordable prices. Its latest breakthrough is the Innova range, a collection of Mediterranean products which are rich in fibre and low in fat and sugar, some of which feature the micro-algaeChlorella, renowned for its regenerative power.

One of the challenges facing the Dulcesol brand in its day-to-day work is how to improve the image of baked goods while demystifying 'Dulcesol's image, and making it synonymous with a balanced diet. To this end, much effort is spent and money invested in R & D (over €3 million over the past 3 years). The new Innova range is fruit of this line of research, focussed on innovation as the strategic axle of differentiation and leadership. Products containing micro-algae of the Chlorella strain, known for its health benefits, are the highlight of this range.

Chlorella algaeis a unicellular organism, rich in natural pigments such as chlorophyll and beta carotene, with antioxidant properties. It has a high vegetable protein content with high nutritional value, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B (B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12), C and E.  It is highly valued in the cosmetics industry for the part it plays in cell regeneration. It is also an organism under on-going investigation thanks to some of its associated health benefits, such as strengthening the immune system.
Dulcesol Group owns a Chlorella production plant in Villalonga (Valencia), where the algae is grown in a natural, secure, GM-free way. With this level of facilities, the company has been able to lower process costs and in turn, the price of the final product, allowing it to offer quality and health at a cheaper price. Chlorella cultivation is furthermore beneficial to the environment, as it produces large amounts of O2, and captures CO2 from the atmosphere.
The revolutionary Chlorella features in the Innova range by the brand Dulcesol, specifically in its breadrolls with algae, chocolate Valencianas, and 3 varieties of savoury snack (pumpkin, pear and yoghurt, and orange). Their delicious flavour incorporates the benefits of this wonder ingredient.
The range also includes other products without micro-algae, which are very low in fat, sugar and salt: magdalenas (muffins, -40% fat and -60% sugars), croissants (-50% fat and -20% salt) and brioche (-50 % fat and -20% sugars), as well as valencianas with omega 3 and wholemeal palmiers. These products are surprisingly light, given their wheat bran fibre-rich content, which helps to speed up intestinal transit.
In 2010, the removal of hydrogenated fats and trans-fats associated with pastries, being replaced by non-hydrogenated vegetable fats, marked Dulcesol's first step towards healthier foodstuffs. The Innova range is, for now, the pinnacle of the company's evolution in this vein.