5 February 2018

From their farm the company controls the production of eggs, one of the main ingredients in many of its products. These changes aim to address a growing demand for more animal-friendly eggs, a trend which is on the up in society as a whole.

Dulcesol Group, producer of a wide range of foodstuffs, is finalising the initial stages of a project that will see it use eggs from free-range hens in its speciality products within a timeframe of 5 years.

Thus, in line with the current project, since the end of 2017 the laying hens in one of the four barns on the organisation’s Terrateig farm -opened in the 80s - are now able to move around freely. This measure is soon be rolled out to include all hens (around 500.000), from which a yearly total of 7.500 tonnes of liquid egg is produced. The ingredient is essential to the preparation of its recipes for products sold both on the national and international markets, among which features, for example, that of its flagship product: magdalenas (muffins).

Hence, in line with its commitment to improving animal welfare standards, the company plans to eventually be able to guarantee all of its hens are free range.

The poultry farm of Valld'Albaida, part of Dulcesol Group's integrated production system, ensures the traceability and quality of all eggs supplied, with which it fulfils around 90% of its needs. This farm has also implemented a waste treatment and reduction plan, via which a percentage of the chicken feed comes from bread and confectionery trimmings, thus providing important nutrients such as hydrates, sugars and fats.