27 February 2018

In line with its international expansion strategy


  • To this end, Dulcesol will start up a new production line -its third- for the manufacturing of fermented baked goods.

  • A measure that will involve an investment of over €4.5 million and which will allow the organisation to increase its production capacity/hour of finished product by more than 40%.

  • The factory in Algeria, located near Oran and opened in 2014, has boosted the Dulcesol brand to pole position in the country's pastry sector.

 Dulcesol Group, manufacturer of a variety of foodstuffs, takes another step in its commitment to foreign growth, which saw the 2014 construction of a plant in Sig. It plans to expand production capacity with a new range, in a move that will witness the company's first manufacturing plant outside of Spain. Inauguration is scheduled for less than a year from now, in January 2019.

With the launch of this line, which will be added to the two currently available- dedicated to magdalenas (muffins) and cakes - the company is cementing its leadership status in the Algerian market.

In accordance with Dulcesol Group's strategy, the range to be launched will focus on the production of brioche-type fermented doughs, with different fillings (cream, chocolate, chocolate chips etc.) and which will be marketed in this country under the brand Dulcesol. An investment of around €5 million is forecast to set up the plant, in addition to the €13 million euros already set aside to build the factory.

When the new line is fully operational, the Algerian plant will add 20 more members to its present workforce of 125 people, while its production capacity will increase from the current 1.300kg / hour of finished product to 1850 kg /hour.

In the words of the CEO Rafael Juan, ''Some of the products we will make are subject to very stable levels of demand, a factor which, along with the difficulties of exporting to Algeria, has led us to opt for local production''.

The Valencian company is undertaking an ambitious international expansion plan which has seen its presence established in 46 countries. Its €46.16 million turnover in the international market represents almost 14.5% of the group's business.  The main purchasers of its products are Algeria, France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal and the United Kingdom.


About Dulcesol Group

Dulcesol Group (Gandia, Valencia), a 100% family-owned manufacturer of different foodstuffs, and leader - in terms of volume - of the baked goods and pastry sector in Spain, has a history that stretches back over 60 years.

Its main proprietary brands include Dulcesol®, Soles®, Mi Menu®, Pandorino®, TopCao®, Casado® and Gloria®. This year has seen the addition of the new Hornos Hermanos Juan® brand with a range of frozen pastries aimed at the hospitality sector and more recently, Naturcrem®, offering 100% organic ''ready to eat'' soups, or Beplus® a range of functional organic products. It makes a very wide range of products - over 200 - developed within the framework of its diversification strategy. These include many benchmark products, either within its main business sector - pastries, or in others such as different varieties of bread, savoury pastries, baby food (Mi Menu®) or sweet sandwich spreads.

Since 2010, Dulcesol Group has been investing in facilities, cutting-edge machinery and multiple projects related to product development, with a total value of over €150 million.

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