15 March 2016

Dulcesol Group’s sales have grown 3.6%. The plant in Oran has lifted the brand to pole position in Algeria's pastry sector. The international market already accounts for more than 13% of its business and exceeds €40 million in turnover. Production capacity was almost 135.000 tons.

Dulcesol Group, Spain’s lead pastry and confectionery manufacturer in terms of volume has closed the fiscal year with a global turnover of €303 million, representing an increase of 3.6% over the previous year, and a total production of 139.770 tonnes.

According to its CEO, Rafael Juan, "last year our sales continued to grow - even ahead of production - thanks in large part to the efforts of our first factory outside Spain, located near Oran (Algeria). In fact, this centre has positioned us as the leading pastry brand in the country. "For the company, international expansion is a fundamental part of its strategy: ''we hope to consolidate this objective in 2016. At present we already have a presence in 39 countries and a turnover of € 40.36 million, which is 13.2% of the group's business'', states the company head. The main categories that have contributed to achieving this figure are bread (representing 20% of turnover), chocolate spreadsand baby food. The latter has its own dedicated production plant, which began manufacturing in 2014 and which makes, amongst other items, the recently launched suckable pouches of baby food, and the new Bio range, which was presented a few weeks ago and will soon be on the market.

Throughout 2015, the company made investments worth €43.64 million, 34.6% more than in the previous year, which have been mainly destined to facilities and the latest machinery. Thus, since 2010, it has invested a total of €150 million. In addition to R & D projects which are generallyrelated to healthy eating, this figure includes projects on the incorporation of the latest technology, the expansion of facilities and product development.

Besides the aforementioned plant in Algeria, Dulcesol Group has production centres in Spain, specifically in Gandía and Villalonga (both in the Valencian Community), dedicated to the manufacturing of more than 2000 products (with 32 production lines), as well as an egg farm which supplies 85% of the organisation's egg requirements and a bag and reel printing plant for packagingwhich has 44 employees, and which services almost all of the company’s packaging needs (98%), with around 2.400tn of materials.

At the close of this fiscal year, Dulcesol Group employs 2.000 employees throughout the organisation (plants, offices, sales delegations, etc.) of which almost 50% are women.

In terms of Spanish marketing channels, most notable are direct sales through chains and supermarkets, its main segment, along with local shops.